This last weekend at Phoenix Fashion Week _feliciaromero rocked the red carpet with her sporty chic
One of my AMAZING ✨Bunzies✨competing in tonight's Thunderdome ⚡⚡⚡_#organicspraytan #airbrushtan #spr
#Repost _dayinara1 with _repostapp_・・・_Obsessed with _bunzies_organic_spraytanning  appears instantl
The FINALS are tonight!! Im so proud of my ✨Bunzies✨ and all of their hard work and dedication!! #co
Bikini season is in full swing here in AZ 🌞 my gorgeous ✨Bunzie✨looking flawless out in scottsdale!
Flawless Organic Airbrush Tan done by Sidney, owner of Bunzies
PROM Season is in full swing, look at my gorgeous Bunzie ✨seriously flawless for Prom
I loved giving this Bunzie Bride a beautiful bronzed glow for her wedding day 👰💎 #organicspraytan
My fabulous Bunzie 💎 shining bright like a diamond! _#organicspraytan #airbrushtan #spraytan #bronz
One of my beautiful ✨Bunzies✨ getting ready for her Mommy and Me photoshoot! She looks flawless & I
My beach ✨Bunzie✨ Babe 🌊🍹enjoying her vacation rocking her glow! _#organicspraytan #airbrushtan #s
More tan bride vibes 👑 _#organicspraytan #airbrushtan #spraytan #bronzed #sunkissed #organic #resul
I love giving _feliciaromero her Bunzie Glow for all of her events! Gorgeous HMU Glam by _makeupmand
Do you have PROM or an event coming up_! Check out how perfect my ✨Bunzie✨looks! 💣💣💣_#organicspra
How cute is this_! Check out my Bunzie _sweet_ts_design who has the cutest clothing line! She is glo
Its Boating🚤 Season in AZ🌞 and my ✨Bunzie✨looks amazing and TAN on the water! Protect your skin!_#
Happy Birthday to my ✨Bunzie✨Lori! Her and her hubby are both rocking their Bunzie Glow at the Valle
I have been one busy Bunzie Mama tanning all of these beauties for Country Thunder
I love Arizona wedding season! ✨Bunzie✨Brides always have a perfect glow! _#organicspraytan #airbrus
One of my gorgeous✨Bunzies✨ out with her fam rocking her custom organic spray tan! Ps
Its showtime for this bunzie babe! Competition Tan by _bunzies_organic_spraytanning and HMU by _amyw
My 🌞 Coachella Bunzie Flower Child 🌹_#organicspraytan #airbrushtan #spraytan #bronzed #sunkissed #
My Bunzie looking bronzed and amazing!__#Repost _siera_whitten with _repostapp_・・・_Sunday well spent
Felicia looks stunning all glamorous for her event with her Bunzie Tan! _#organicspraytan #airbrusht
Flawless! My Bunzie babe looking strong and sexy after her first bikini competition! 🏆_#competition
Lovin my buff bunzies 💪 #heygirlhey #organicspraytan #airbrushtan #spraytan #bronzed #sunkissed #or
Its COMPETITION week!! 💪👙🏆 I'm excited for all my ✨Bunzies✨ competing! _#competitionspraytan #air
Hello 🍍Vacation🍍Glow! Schedule your airbrush tan at ✨Bunzies✨ before your next trip! _#organicspra
Bunzies Tanning is always honored to tan Felicia Romero for her photo shoots and I must say, this wo
One of my beautiful Bunzies!! Wish her luck for next week!! 💐👑 #organicspraytan #spraytan #sunless
Look at these two beauties! 👑 _#sunlesstan #spraytan #az #glow #organictan #tan #airbrushtan #bronz
Life is about being inspirational! This is exactly what my Bunzie Felicia Romero is! She is an outwa
Another one of my sexy Bunzies rocking her tan by Sidney!! 🔥👑💪 #organicspraytan #spraytan #sunles
Another happy gorgeous fit Bunzie!! ❤
#organicspraytan #spraytan #organic #sunlesstan #tan #tanlife
I'm so excited to be sponsoring this beautiful young woman! 👑💐💙 #pageantsponsor #maddierose #orga
Do you have a Competition coming up_ Schedule your NPC Thunderdome April 22-23 tan package NOW! 👙 A
Way to go Cardinals! ❤🏈 tonight was a really awesome game!! _naomibrowne tan I did is just as aweso
Happy Birthday to Bunzies Tanning Phoenix very own _jocelynsuzannah _bunzies_tanning_phoenix _jocely
Strong is definitely SEXY 💥 WOW! _naomibrowne just looks flawless! TAN_ _bunzies_organic_spraytanni
Another beautiful shot of _naomibrowne 😍 TAN by BUNZIES ➡➡ _bunzies_organic_spraytanning Doesn't ge
Good luck to my Bunzie _jessieg_w on her auditions today!!
Love my bunzies! 💋 #organicspraytan #spraytan #tan #bronzed #sunlesstan #results #reviews #organic
I buy ALL of my suits from my babe @thebikinigirl_ and keep my tan on point at Bunzies! ☀⚡👙
Love is in the air! One of my gorgeous Bunzies on her Honeymoon still rocking her amazing organic ta
Who is ready for some Tan Bunz and Bikini Fun?!?!?!
2 of my Bunzies went to Garth Brooks last night and this momma daughter duo are on fire 🔥 Both are
#Repost _feliciaromero with _repostapp_・・・_Great shoot w _jpatrickphoto!!! Thank you James 💪🏻💪🏻
Do you have Engagement or Wedding pictures coming up_ Schedule your Bunzie Glow, you'll regret it if
Ladies, this is my Rapid tan solution
Another happy Bunzie 🌞 #Repost _em_fit369 with _repostapp_・・・_Flex Friday! 💪🏽 kinda obsessed with
Touchdown Tuesday for my AZ Sidewinder babe _jessieg_w 🏈💕
March 5th _thebikinigirl_ and _bunzies_organic_spraytanning will be hosting a Tan Bunz and Bikini Fu
One of my beautiful Bunzies looking fabulous 💁
Congrats to my Bunzie _jessieg_w for becoming an Official AZ Rattler Sidewinder!! 🏈🎉💥
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY BESTS! I love my Muchacha... The last 15 years together have been always
My Bunzie looks glowing and HOT with her weekly sunkissed skin! Airbrush tans aren't just for specia
Text me 💋 480-939-0511 Im open late tomorrow!
One of my Bunzies out and about looking gorgrous as always with her organic tan by me! 💁
It doesn't need to be swim suit season for a spray tan, its lingerie season all year round! 💌
Best of luck to _jessieg_w and her auditions with the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders dance team! 🐍🏈
My Bunzie Erica looking so amazing with her #Rapidtan by Me 👑➡➡ _bunzies_organic_spraytanning
My Bunzie _tawneesilva looking stunning in Mexico with her one and only Bunzie Glow! 👙🌊🔥Book your
THIS Satursday 10am - 12pm Charity Fundraiser event with _1missionorg ☺️ Please join _frfitmethod al
Isn't she stunning!! My lovely Bunzie Blaze looking fabulous & TAN on her vacation! Airbrush Organic
How incredible does my Bunzie look_! Schedule your spray tan ➡➡ _bunzies_organic_spraytanning _bunzi
_lovinelectra looking amazing in Mexico on the beach with her Bunzies Spray Tan and her suit from _t
Wow!! Amazing shot by _trudgephoto with _naomibrowne and airbrush tan by ME ➡➡ _bunzies_organic_spra
Gorgeous Bunzie Bride with her 10
We had an awesome event today at Felicia Romero's Fit Method ❤ Bunzies Tanning was on site doing air
A long day of training and certifying another Bunzies Best Technician! 🏆 _bronzed
Felicia just got back from Canada shooting with Strong Fitness Magazine rocking her Bunzies Tan! _st
Organic Airbrush Tan on one of my Bunzies _dayinara1 💋 Isnt she perfect_ Who else wants a flawless
Simply gorgeous 💛 Look how natural her Airbrush tan we did looks! Contact me for your next photo sh
Sneak peek from _naomibrowne photo shoot with Steven Trujillo _trudgephoto and her organic airbrush
One my Bunzies for her competition photo shoot! ⚡🏆#organictan #spraytan #az #sunlesstan #gilbert #m
Hello Vegas Hottie!! My Bunzie celebrated New Year's in Vegas and she got her airbrush spray tan at
Felicia looks amazing and her tan does too! Do you have a photo shoot coming up__ Contact Bunzies fo
One of my Bunzies looking flawless for her fitness photo shoot after her competition! We used a Rapi
#Repost _feliciaromero with _repostapp_・・・_Work flow! Super focused on my business right now _frfitm
Cheers to an amazing 2015 we had!! 🍹 Bunzies Organic Spray Tanning™ has so many great things in the
Happy clients getting ready for New Years!! 🎉#sunlesstan #spraytan #az #glow #newyearstan #organict
#Repost _naomibrowne with _repostapp_・・・_Thank you _lexi0424 for the pretty hair and makeup 💄 Girls
Tanlines you will love!! 🔥 Perfect brown color while training one of our newest Bunzie Certified Te
One of my fav people looking beautiful, fit, healthy and TAN before her photo shoot in Canada! 💪 go
Bunzie Bridal Parties! 🎀 #bunziestanning #bunziesgilbert #tan #azbride #azweddings #az #Gilbert #re
Isnt my Bunzie Felicia gorgeous_!_! 💎 She is one of the sweetest people and her tan is always looki
My Bunzie is looking fabulous with her spray tan, babe and feast mode shirts! #bunziestanning #bunzi
This beautiful #bride was stunning on her wedding day. I love making women feel and look beautiful
My Bunzie Myrna looking fabulous in this shot with her #rapid #organic #airbrushtan at Bunzies Organ
One of my gorgeous Bunzies celebrating in wine country! Her tan is glowing! 🍷🍇#organicspraytan #ta
This hottie got her spray tan right before her trip to Cancun!! Look how tan and beautiful my bunzie
This is just gorgeous! My Bunzies engagement pictures!! 💍💎👰💕_#organictan #spraytan #sunlesstan #
My appointments are booked back to back every 30 mins today! So blessed my beautiful Bunzies!! Xoxo_
My Bunzies are seriously the absolute best!! 4 of my girls working The Felicia Romero Classic 💪🙆🙅
Brides who get a spray tan glow that much better in their pictures..
Pagaent tan 💕 Mariah wanted a natural glow on stage which I think is amazing
Excited for one of my Bunzies who has her pagaent coming up! So far my tans are good luck..
You have got to love when the Cardinals have a BYE week because my Bunzie Blaze and her Hubby get to
Owner _siddybuns rockin my _sunlessbeautytans solution organic spraytan!! Love the rich brown color!
I tanned both of these Bunzies before they went to the Taco festival! 🔥💥💛_#organicspraytan #spray
One of my Bunzies with a 12
My Bunzie Brenda has a 10
How GORGEOUS is this Bunzie_!_ 👗👑 #organic #organicspraytan #tan #bronzed #tanlife #momlife #fitli
#Repost _themaddierose with _repostapp_・・・_Sponsor Appreciation Post x2 ✨💞👑 Thank you to _bunzies_
Pregnant women dont have to go without!! Schedule your Organic Spray tan! It is completely safe and
Happy early Halloween! Jaxyn is on her way to her party!!! 🎃🐄 Mommy is TAN for her American Cancer
Look how beautiful another one of my Bunzies look with her Organic Spray Tan! 👑💙💎👗_#organicspray
#Repost _themaddierose with _repostapp_・・・_One last post for today! 🇺🇸 Veterans Day is a holiday w
One of my beautiful birthday bunzies on the left, celebrating her 30th and rocking her perfect organ
One of my beautiful Bunzies at her Homecoming Carnival 👑💐👗 I mixed my solutions to make a perfect
My gorgeous Bunzie on vacation rocking her Organic 10.5 Standard Tan! She is amazing and an inspirat
One of my Bunzies showing off her 10
I am naturally fair skin like my little princess 👑 I spraytan often to keep my bronze glow! My solu
One of my beautiful Bunzies all bronzed before the Sam Smith concert last night! Tan and ready to pa
One of my bunzies rocking her Organic Spray Tan by ME! Isnt she gorgeous, 15 weeks pregnant with bab
Look at these two hotties that I tan!  Beautiful women on the inside and outside! Mommy & Daughter!
My Bunzie went to Vegas and needed a Rapid bronzed glow! Xo_#organicspraytan #bunziestanning #lasveg
Love my tan Bunzies! Arent these sisters so gorgeous! 💋_#organicspraytan #spraytan #sunlesstan #tan
This hot mama rocking my Bunzies Rapid tan only 6 weeks post baby! She looks amazing and loves her t
One of my Bunzies looking fabulous with her Organic Spraytan by Sidney Leigh! She wanted a dark tan
One of my Bunzies is rocking her Rapid Organic Spraytan for the 4th of July weekend! 💋👓🔥who doesn
Before and After of one of my Bunzies on day 4 of her Organic Spraytan!  Still bronzed and looking f
Out with my beautiful girls!!! 💋 love you biotches!  #nofilter
One of my #beautifullybronzed #Bunzies _ghamlett89 enjoying the #Vegas #sun with her #organicsprayta