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I'm Not Obsessed with Money, I'm Obsessed with Freedom

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

I'm Sidney Leigh, Founder of Bunzies Organic Spray Tanning and Sunless Bunzies Institute. Welcome to 2018, where it is trending to be an entrepreneur. Can we get an AMEN?!

Over the years of working for myself, I have met hundreds of individuals who have the desire to work for themselves. There are three types of people I have met, those who want to take the entrepreneur leap but they stay in their safe zone working hours for someone else, those who dabble in the work for yourself trend but really feel lost, and those who dive right in blind with no other choice other than to succeed. For me, I was the third type of person and the truth is, I really had no other choice unless I wanted to take on a 9 to 5. If you read the title to my blog, I am obsessed with freedom so having a "job" wasn't really going to work for me.

I wanted to share with you why I'm not obsessed with money and why freedom is my obsession. I am even going to share with you the steps I took physically, emotionally and mentally to arrive where I am today.

Rumor has it money is the root of all evil.! Humans are the root of all evil, we are flawed, damaged, hurt, selfish, entitled, inconsiderate and self righteous. Really, I could go on and on but the truth is, it is the hands money falls into that give many that illusion. Often times money is scary because maybe you were raised that rich people are dicks or money can't buy you happiness. Listen up, forget that load of crap! Money is paper with a value but having stacks of it or 1,000,000,000 in the bank doesn't make you a dick. You're a dick because you're a dick and you need to work through whatever dickish things happened in your life so when you're rich you're not a bitter rich dick! Are you following? Money CAN buy you happiness, it's those who believe that when they have this certain amount of money they will finally be happy that are screwing this up for everyone. First of all, you need to know what sets your soul on fire. I love to experience new things, so for me I love to travel and have new experiences, I love to eat at fancy restaurants and I really love to feel all dolled up and pretty so having the ability to support my own happiness is crucial. I'm not saying money solves it all, I have other needs in my life such as being an amazing mother, spending my life with the man I deeply love and living in the moment with my friends and family, which leads me to Freedom!

I'm obsessed with freedom because ultimately money comes and goes, literally on the daily. My freedom doesn't come and go because I designed a business that supports my lifestyle, doesn't take over it. The whole thing about freedom is that you're FREE TO CHOOSE whatever lifestyle you want. It could mean working from home, working in a big loud city, more time with your family, vacations when you want, turning off your devices for a week and reading or even sleeping in on mornings your body says you need rest. Freedom means having the ability to make choices that feed your soul.

When I first decided to build a business I was scared, not physically, emotionally and mentally right. I wasn't a wack job by any means, but I was not happy with where I was and who I was. I literally believe the only thing in the beginning I did right was not allow fear to hold me back. It truly wasn't until I tackled myself and fixed the source of my unhappiness that my business became a brand and a thriving one at that!

Physically I couldn't afford the things that made me happy so I just remained unsatisfied until I could convince myself I could splurge on some new name brand make up that would temporarily make me happy for 72 hours until the buyers remorse kicked in. What a way to live right? WRONG! I had to change my mindset and remind myself that I am amazing and yes that name brand make up makes me happy but it doesn't define me. What physically defines me is that I am a healthy mother for my daughter and that I can physically live to experience all of the things that truly set my soul on fire. Drinking nightly with my girlfriends and feeling like shit the next day just isn't going to provide me with a good physical self or mental self for that matter. How the heck am I supposed to build a successful business this way? The moment I took that step toward awareness, it was game over and I made changes because I couldn't write down a way to be successful with the physical way I was living before.

Emotionally was the hardest for me. I was in an abusive relationship I was scared and ashamed to admit it because I had this desired life to everyone else looking in and my pride told me she would behead me if I was weak. Well screw that biotch pride. How about authenticity and staying true to myself. I am naturally a very strong woman so I unapologetic and fiercely dove into self help books, therapy, church groups and when I was able to recognize the core reasons I was attracting abuse, I was able to find my true and beautiful emotionally available being. This was huge for business and my freedom. The chains were broken and I was free to choose the direction I was headed. This was by far the most work for me and I believe it is for most others. The methods I used may not work for everyone but I sure as heck wasn't going to let fear keep me where I emotionally stood. I am forever thankful to my inner self that I was able to hold on to what I knew I deserved and achieved it.

Mentally all that I mentioned above wouldn't have been possible if I didn't tell myself hourly who I was and where I wanted to be. I became my own mental alarm reminding my inner self, hey Sidney, you're worth it and deserving and beautiful. If there were times I found myself in a box, I would close my eyes and visualize myself jumping out of a life size cake like a bombshell. Freedom!

Ladies, entrepreneur life is hard and it is a grind and hustle daily even on the weekends. You don't work less, you work more. You don't have someone giving you schedules and telling you what to do, so you need discipline and mentors. You need support from loved ones who remind you that you kick ass and encourage you to keep going. You will fail in small areas which you will smile about down the road because they become the most valuable lessons. You will find yourself wondering if the freedom will ever arrive. I promise you though, if you want it bad enough and you probably do if you have made it through this entire "blog", it will happen for you!

Freedom is waiting for you to grab it, so don't stop, get it, get it!


Sidney Leigh

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