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The Struggle Doesn't Have To Be Real

Mindset is huge when it comes to building a brand and growing a business. Many will say what I consider a 'cliche' line that "the struggle is real" but I beg to differ.

As a woman who became suddenly single with a baby girl and a hobby business, I easily could take this down the struggle road, but I want to tell you why that's a lie. Of course there are struggles and honestly that's just freaking life, but when one bad day because you dropped your coffee all over yourself, hit every red light in traffic, stubbed your toe not once but twice and you just got the call from your overly priced daycare that your child has pink eye for the 3rd time is what you consider struggle, your mindset is wrong. When you can wrap your head around real struggles and divide those from every day life circumstances, you will catch what I'm throwing here. You must accept that your reality will form straight from your thoughts. If you believe that the struggle is real, you will struggle. If you believe that life happens and continue to tell yourself "chin up buttercup", your reality will start to change.

I love being vulnerable with my past because not only can I hope to impact others but because it keeps my mindset healthy. I'll share with you that after my life seemed to crash and burn a couple years ago, I suffered from PTSD which led me to a high stress and anxious time. After about 3 months of passionately diving into self help books, therapy, church groups and a recovery program of decoding my childhood mindset and developing a healthy reality for my future, suddenly how I was going to afford my new home and my lifestyle wasn't a struggle. In fact, it was absolutely challenging and exciting all at the same time. I chose to sacrifice dating and attention from men and I channeled that into hustle and grind. I found that I was stronger than I believed I was which gave me the exact realization that I needed. I was cutting myself short and I found the inner strength to use my fears to drive me forward. I was a badass and I loved it. I do not believe that what I went through was a struggle. I believe it was possibly the best experience of my life to date. I wouldn't be the mother, emotionally available girlfriend, friend and business woman I am today without that amazing experience. Truth is, I made it this way. I had a choice to allow it to be a struggle or to heal and deal baby. I did not mask my feelings and hurts, I handled them like a boss. I was truthful with myself and others. My mindset created my reality.

Obstacles will happen and I challenge you to get excited because you can make them fun. Remember growing up hearing people say "don't cry over spilled milk" or "if you fall off the horse, get right back on", if you're posting on social media complaining about your relationships, child being sick, politics and so on, well the reality is your mindset is twisted and your life will be too. If you're wondering how to turn an obstacle fun, get creative. For me, if my little one is home sick, we make fun pancakes, color together, snuggle, tickle each other, dance parties, nap and I find time to hustle all at the same time. Those are moments that I always look back at and smile because I was able to hold my baby girl longer. At the same time, I am now able to let my mind rest and often times I come up with some awesome idea to grow my brand that I may not have thought about if I was on the go go go.

Fast forward, I am still a work in progress and I always will be. I love growing in all areas of my life. My business is thriving, my daughter is independent and happy, and about a year ago without even looking, God listened to my heart and rewarded us with an incredible man who literally had everything on my checklist and embraced us as if he has known nothing else. I am genuinely happy, excited about my life and deeply in love. With the mindset I had previously, I would have never attracted loyalty in all areas of my life. Today, I can honestly say I have changed lives and inspired many through mentor ship, friendship and throwing my truth in the universe. That is a blessing.

How are you going to hit the reset button on your mind? Be honest with yourself. If there are issues in your past that may need healing or attention, handle them now. No matter how hard you try, if you don't deal you won't heal and this will forever affect your future.

The struggle isn't real, life is.


Sidney Leigh

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