• You may tan nude, with underwear or a bathing suit, whatever you feel comfortable with

  • Exfoliate & Shave 12-24 hours prior 

  • Get your manicure and pedicure prior 

  • Waxing services should be done 48 hours prior

  • Moisturize daily at least 1 week regularly prior 

  • Dry/Dehydrated skin will cause an uneven tan & uneven fading

  • Do NOT wear make up, lotions or deodorant on the day of your spray tan

  • We have face wipes available if you need to remove face make up



  • Bring loose fitting dark clothes to wear home (cotton loose pants and a t-shirt are best)

  • Limit the need to put on a bra or tight clothing which may affect your results

  • Bring flip flops to wear when you leave your appointment

  • Try to limit your activity after you tan until you're able to shower

  • The Arizona heat can cause sweating, be prepared to stay away from the heat while color is processing

  • Be aware of how you sleep in your tan so you don't rub off your color or color your hands etc.

  • Use a sulfate and paraben free body wash 

  • Stay away from bar soaps (example....Dove soap)

  • Post shower, moisturize with a Paraben free and Alcohol free lotion

  • Moisturize multiple times daily (at least twice a day)

  • Soaking in water can cause uneven/fast fading

  • Do not exfoliate until you're ready to remove your tan

  • Exfoliate your tan completely off before your next appointment


  • EVENT TANNING 1-2 days prior to your event. Contact us with Questions.


Standard Gratuity is 20% for each service